Hyundai Verna to get some nip-tuck


After the Ford Fiesta and the Maruti-Suzuki SX4, now it is the Hyundai Verna’s turn to go under the surgeon’s knife. Just like the ‘A-Star’ is actually the current Alto and the Laura, is actually the current Octavia, the Verna is actually the current Hyundai Accent for the rest of the world. But, it has been renamed as ‘Verna’ so that Hyundai can keep selling the old Accent in India as well. Thanks to some new competition in the form of the Linea and the recent botox shot filled rivals, Verna’s market share has diminished. To regain the lost numbers, it will soon get a mostly external makeover. The major changes will be the grille, the headlights and the front bumper as well as some tit-bits like the turn indicators housed on the RVMs. The mechanicals will be carried over unchanged.

Image courtesy: Hyundai Korea

We have never really been big fans of the Verna’s looks any ways and in our honest opinion, the face-lift just makes it look ‘different’ but not really any better.

Mihir Gadre


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