October 2009 Car Sales and Analysis

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Stars of October 2009.

We take a look at who was the ‘real’ winner of the only race that really matters. The month of October again saw an upward trend in the market activity and the recession surely seems to be a thing of past.







Mihir Gadre

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  • Usman says:

    Fuel efficiency of ZMR is not less than 45 km/l…………

  • Akash says:

    I love my zma!!!!!

    its a great bike and they have made it better with ZMR.. If u do not mind spending all that extra money for the ZMR and you are a hero honda and karizma lover,then go for it!!!else u can spend a bit more and buy a R15.

  • Yash says:


    i liked u'r reviews of zma r in comparison to zmr.!!!!!!

    but i still hv some doubts about zma r…..

    coz at the beginning of next i m going 2 purchase zma r…….

    there's also a option of zmr though…….

    what do u prefer………..????????????………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!