Hyundai Motor Group’s Chairman Calls 2021 ‘Inflection Point for Future Growth’

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Hyundai Motor Group’s Chairman Euisun Chung delivered a New Year’s message for the Group’s employees around the entire world, undermining the company’s strategic direction and commitments for the year 2021 and beyond. He stressed on 2021 being a driver to accelerated global changes and that it will be an inflection point for Eco-friendliness, future technology and competitiveness. He said they will strive for Carbon Neutrality and bring in the use of Hydrogen fuel cell technology to the fore.

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He also mentioned their areas on investment opportunities and laying a sustainable foundation for the group going forward.

Hyundai Motor chairman Euisun Chung

“We should all stay true to our mission, which is realizing humanity’s dream of ‘safe and free mobility as well as a peaceful life,’” Chairman Chung stressed, adding that “2021 should be the year in which we kick-start our great transformation into a new growth engine.”

He focused and talked about 4 major objectives:

Year of inflection point

“In the post-pandemic era, social values and lifestyles different from the past will prevail,” the Chairman said at the opening of the speech. “And as a result, only those companies prepared for continuous transformations will survive and grow,” he said.

He said that 2021 will be a decisive year for Hyundai and that they are looking at investment opportunities in the eco-friendly markets, and underlined the importance of collaborating with all group members for a stronger core.

Electrification leadership

“With the launch of new vehicles based on the recently released electric vehicle platform, the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), we plan to provide attractive eco-friendly mobility options that aptly reflect customers’ diverse tastes and needs at more reasonable prices,” the Chairman said regarding the Group’s vision to become a top-tier global eco-friendly brand. “Furthermore, our hydrogen fuel cell technology, recognized as the world’s most advanced, will be expanded to diverse mobility and industrial sectors to help achieve carbon neutrality under the ‘HTWO (Hydrogen + Humanity)’ brand,” he added.

Safe and innovative mobility technologies

In terms of securing future technology capabilities, the Chairman said, “We will realize the safest and most innovative mobility technology in the world by strengthening our autonomous driving, connectivity and software capabilities. We will continue to invest in new growth fields such as urban air mobility (UAM) and robotics to expand the realm of new mobility in the near future.”

Hyundai Motor Group will apply Level 3 autonomous driving technology to mass production models in 2022 and push for commercialization projects for autonomous driving technologies such as robo-taxi services in 2023.

Quality and safety first

“All of our activities would be meaningless without quality and safety because they are the prerequisites for serving our customers,” Chairman Chung noted. “It should be always remembered that quality and safety are not the domains of any particular fields of our operations. Customers will only give us their trust when all Hyundai Motor Group members and our business partners work together to make quality and safety a top priority”

In his inaugural message in 2020, Chairman Chung underscored a similar point, saying that “All of our goals and efforts must be customer-centric. The first step to customer happiness is to enable them to focus on their own lives through the perfect quality of our products and services.”

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