Hyundai Crashes into Ferrari 458 Italia; Kills Driver!

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Reegulars here would know that we’ve reported quite regularly about exotic car crashes. This car crash, however, has a different and a rather sad story behind it. Unlike most of the crashes we report about, where the cause of the mishap is the driver of the exotic losing control, the driver of the Ferrari here was plain unlucky. Not just this crash totaled his 458 Italia, it also claimed the life of the 21 year old Ferrari Driver!

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This Ferrari 458 Italia crash happened in Monterey Park, California, when a Hyundai Accent crashed into this renowned supercar. It is suspected that the Accent was being driven by a drunk driver, who lost controle while crossing through an intersection. While the driver of the ill fated Ferrari died at the scene of crash, the passenger in the 458 was hospitalized and is said to be in critical condition.

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ferrari 458 italia hyundai accent crash images 2
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The driver of the Hyundai was also critically injured and would be booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. It is rather sad to know about this Exotic car crash, where the driver of the Ferrari lost his life due to no fault of his. Also, we, at Motoroids India, totally condemn drunk driving and request all our readers to avoid getting behind the wheel in inebriated state.

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  • turboss says:

    Sad to know..!!!! I feel people at times do not know the pleasure of driving..!!!