HPCL ‘Fastlane’ Contactless Fuel Management And Payment System Launched In India

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Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), along with AGS Transact Technologies, has launched a new fuel management and payment system in India, known as Fastlane. The contactless fuel management system will help fill fuel in cars through a cashless system.

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Available as an app on the Android and iOS platforms, Fastlane requires you car to have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip inside the fuel tank of your car. The nozzle which dispenses fuel will come fitted with a chip reader that will identify the car and fill the specified amount of fuel. Users can choose the type of fuel and its quantity with the help of the app. Once the fuel is filled, the amount is deducted from the e-wallet of the Fastlane app customer.

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Hindustan Petroleum has revealed that this new app will have multiple benefits such as faster filling up of fuel resulting in lesser time taken at the pump as well as lower chance of fraud as no fuel can be siphoned off in jerry cans or any other means. Another benefit of the system will the fact that there would be no chance of a mix-up between petrol, diesel or high octane fuels as the nozzle will dispense the right fuel only after reading the RFID.

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Currently, Fastlane is used at 18 fuel pumps in the Mumbai region and HPCL is working on increasing this number to 3 outlets. While the service is currently available only in Mumbai, the company plans to launch this innovative service in the Delhi-NCR region soon.

Source: Economic Times

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