How to Keep Your Car Healthy During this Lockdown

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One thing which is bugging the car owners during this Covid-19 lockdown is the fact that they might have to keep their cars locked down in the garage. We shouldn’t be ignorant if we have to keep our cars locked down for a long time. Here are some tips on how to keep your car safe and driveable when the lockdown comes to an end.

Find a sheltered parking spot

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it isn’t a good idea to park your car under direct sunlight for weeks. A sheltered and dry garage will protect your car from the natural elements such as sunlight, rain and dust. If you can’t find a nice parking spot for your car, we suggest that you settle for a good car cover at least. There are many options available online with some options specifically made for particular makes and models.

car cover

Wash your car before storing it away

It is not a good idea to leave the dust and grime on your car’s bodywork if you’re willing to park it for a very long time. It might damage the paint in the long run. A proper wash will prove very beneficial for your car. You can use any good car wash available online and give your car a thorough wash. Don’t cover the car while it is still wet. Washing your car thoroughly will help you in killing time during this quarantine too.

Give some attention to the interiors too

Moist, dark and damp environment can prove to be a very efficient breeding ground for microorganisms including the culprit in focus here, the Coronavirus. We did a comprehensive piece some days back on how to sanitize your car during this covid-19 outbreak. Use any alcohol based cleaning agent to wipe off the interiors. Put some moisture-absorbing silica gel in there for good measure so that it can absorb all the moisture from the cabin and prevent the growth of mould.

interior clean


Remember the whizzing sound your car makes when you can’t crank it because of a dead battery? Not a pleasant sound, right? If you don’t want to experience it after this lockdown ends, disconnect the terminals or if you have one, plug in a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up. Or you can just take the battery out and store it somewhere safe. If you don’t wish to do any of the things mentioned above, you can start your car every 3-4 days and let it idle for a few minutes so that it can keep the battery juiced up.

car battery


Tyres suffer a great deal if you leave your car locked down for a long time without taking care of the rubber. Keep them inflated and move your car a little every few days so that it prevents cracking of the sidewall. It will also help in avoiding flat spots developing if it isn’t being used.


It is advisable to keep your car in gear if you want to prevent it from rolling around. If you intend to keep your car parked for a long time, instead of engaging the handbrake, slot your car in gear. This will save your handbrake cable from stretching, and your brakes from binding over long periods.

Fuel tank

Though there are anti-corrosive internal coating available for your car’s fuel tank, we understand that you can’t go out to get it done. In this case, if you want to keep your car’s fuel tank rust free, fill the fuel tank completely. It will prevent the rust form building inside and save you from any trouble you might face when you crank your car after a long time.

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