How Hyundai pulled a fast one with this drone delivery video on Fools’ day

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While commoners like us depended on using basic, emotive tools like greed to lure our beloved readers into a prank, Hyundai made a big budget video to have some fun and show its lighter, human side. The Korean manufacturer uploaded footage which showed how it has taken its online car buying service to the next level, where the ‘Click to Buy’ button had changed to ‘Click to Fly’.


It shows how Hyundai employed specially developed HY-drones which made use of Hyundai’s zero emission fuel cell and martian rover tracking technology to fly the Hyundai of your choice to your doorstep, in under 2 hours. One of the drones even hands over the car key wrapped in a ribbon to the new owner, and the quartet then flies back to base in a formation. While Hyundai uploaded this prank stating the service was only available on April 1st 2017, we’re sure that in the future, this delivery method might as well become common sight. So when it does happen for real and you feel some sense of déjà vu, you’d know it started of as a Fools’ day prank.

Hyundai - Kona - Teaser - headlight

Hyundai has also revealed a brand new sub-compact SUV, the Kona. The all-new car will be the fourth member of the brand’s SUV family in Europe consisting of the Grand Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Tucson. There is no official statement about the SUV coming to the Asian market though.

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