Honda Reveals The New City Hatchback

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Honda was always known for producing some of the sportiest everyday cars in the world. And of course, the Honda VTEC engine is still worth every penny with its high level of refinement and the ability to deliver screaming performance.

However, as time passes, the world changes, and so does the demand. With the entry of SUVs and compact SUVs, the demand and the market share of sedans and compact sedans, is witnessing a downfall. To make matters worse, the world is transitioning towards electric vehicles, which demand a lot of cost in research and development.

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But there’s a solution to this problem, and the solution is as simple as just adapting to the change, by slowly moving away from Sedans and petrol engines, by launching an all-new Honda City hatchback with a power-packed turbo-petrol VTEC engine. While India witnessed the launch of the BS6 compliant third-gen Honda Jazz, the carmaker has also unveiled the fourth-generation of the hatchback in Tokyo. Moving ahead in the hatchback game, the carmaker has now revealed the City hatchback in Thailand.

Honda City Hatchback (2)

The fourth-gen Honda Jazz is built on a new and more expensive platform, and also gets Honda’s hybrid tech. All these make it more expensive, and unlikely to be launched in the Indian market. However, the new Honda City hatchback is expected to be in several markets worldwide, as a more practical and cost-efficient hatchback. The most important aspect of the hot-hatch is its 1.0-litre VTEC, turbocharged engine that is capable of producing a maximum power output of 122bhp and is expected to be mated to a 7-speed CVT. However, the only thing that will not be favorable for the hatchback in India, will be its dimensions, which make it larger than the Honda Jazz, and ultimately more expensive than the Jazz.

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However, the favorable part of the hot-hatch will be its segment-first turbocharged engine, which has no competition at present, in the Indian market. Apart from this, other new upgrades include- the sporty RS Turbo badge, which will complement the new blacked-out grille and dark-chrome finish for the 16-inch alloy wheels. Speaking about the interior, being a derivative of the City, the hatchback will borrow the same interior design, spacious and comfortable seats, and features.

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