Honda recalls 2010-11 Accord V6 in the US over possible suspension failure


Seems like the Japanese carmakers, once known for their reliability are losing their way. After the recent recalls by Toyota, Honda has now recalled its 2010-11 Accord V6 cars over a possibility of a failure in the front suspension. According to NHTSA (National highway Transportation Safety Administration) the bolts that attach the front dampers to the suspension may not have been properly tightened. This may potentially call a suspensionsteering failure. The recall for the Honda Accord comes along with a recall for the 2011 Honda Pilot, which also seems to be having a similar problem. The total number of units which are likely to be affected are 10283.
Apart from the bolt connecting the damper and suspension the spindle nuts for the axle on the accord v6 may not have been tightened properly which may result in excessive noise and/or loss of steering.
According to USA Today, the problem of the bolts not being tightened properly has arisen because of a software issue that controls the machines that tighten bolts at the factory. The recalled cars will be inspected at the dealerships and the bolts will be tightened if need be.
Previously, Honda has recalled 9300 Accord and CR-V cars that are currently being investigated for possible oil leaks due to an improperly cast portion of the engine.
Just one question – why do we don’t have any such recalls in India, even though most of these cars are CBUs? And We are not talking only about Honda, or this particular instance of a recall. So many times we have international recalls for car models which are available in India as well as a CBU, but no one as much as squeaks in this part of the world – any views?



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