Hero MotoCorp Updates Its Commuter Bikes with Synchronised Braking

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With a new government mandate coming in, which aims to improve the safety factor of vehicles on sale in India, Hero MotoCorp has begun updating its products with a synchronised braking system. As part of this new regulation, manufacturers will have to provide ABS for bikes with more than 125 cc capacity and bikes with lesser capacity will need to offer a synchronised braking system. Hero calls this technology Integrated Braking System and has now made this feature available on the Glamour Programmed FI, HF Deluxe, Splendor Plus and Passion Pro drum brake. The additional hardware comes with a marginal extra cost and the revised prices of the bikes are as follows. Do bear in mind that these are ex-showroom, Delhi prices.

  • Glamour Programmed FI – INR 68,900
  • Passion Pro drum brake – INR 54,475
  • Passion X Pro drum brake – INR 56,100
  • Splendor Plus – INR 52,860
  • Splendor Plus i3S – INR 54,150
  • HF Deluxe (Self-start) – INR 48,175
  • HF Deluxe i3S – INR 49,375

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe i3S

As the name suggests, this mechanism ensures that the rider can work on both front and rear brakes by just pulling one brake lever. This enables proper distribution of the braking force, preventing wheel lock up and skids on wet or sandy surfaces. Moreover, this safety aid can also reduce the braking distance of a bike by quite some margin, keeping the rider safe during panic braking situations or when the road conditions are not great. The brand also has endowed its gearless scooters – the Destini 125, Duet, Maestro Edge and Pleasure with this safety kit.

Hero MotoCorp – Glamour Side

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Other bikes from the Hero stable can also be expected to be equipped with IBS in the near future. The bikes that are yet to receive this safety aid are HF Dawn, HF Deluxe Eco, Passion Pro Disc, Passion X Pro Disc, Splendor Pro, Splendor iSmart Plus and Glamour carburettor. Moreover, the brand will now make sure that their upcoming launches, like the Xpulse 200 and the Maestro Edge 125, comply with the new norms as and when they are launched. The Xpulse will get a single channel ABS system while the Maestro Edge will be offered with IBS.

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