Hero Leap Serial Hybrid Scooter at Auto Expo 2014: Images and Details

hero Leap Serial Electric Hybrid scooter in India showcased at Auto Expo 2014 - images and complete details along with technical specifications



The Hero Leap scooter points us to the future of Hero Motocorp. The Leap hybrid scooter is powered by an 8 Kw Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) Electric Traction Motor. The power to the motors come via lithium-ion batteries charged by an on-board generator set, which in turn is powered by a new fuel injected 124cc engine. The system delivers Max torque of 6Nm to the Leap Scooter right from 0 rpm.

Hero claims that the flat acceleration curve is better than other petrol scooters in the market. The top speed is an impressive 100 kph even running with the range extender. The Hero Leap employs a heavy duty fibre reinforced belt drive to transfer power from the motors to the rear wheel. The belt is claimed to be adjustment and maintenance free and designed to last till the life of the vehicle.


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hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (2)

Held together by a steel tubular frame, the battery and traction motor are positioned lower for better COG and handling. The swingarm is mounted directly to the electric motor case pivot eliminating tension on the belt during suspension travel.

hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (3)

The Hero Leap comes with an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) wheel design is stated to be lightweight while at the same time offering better load carrying capacity and handling. Braking duties are handled by a multi-piston 240mm disc braking system at the front in addition to the regenerative braking offered by the traction motor. At the rear is a conventional 130mm drum brake.

Hero Motocorp Leap Hybrid scooter (4) Hero Motocorp Leap Hybrid scooter (1)
The lighting systems are complete LED with the headlight being offered with a Hi/Low beam in a single projector. Now that looks an impressive tech-laden scoot. Hero Leap Technical Specifications in detail as below:

Hero Leap is a serial hybrid scooter powered by lithium-ion batteries and an 8kW electric traction motor with an on-board generator set powered by an extremely efficient all new 124cc engine.

Transmission: Belt drive, direct from motor to rear wheel
Suspension Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock AbsorbersRear: Unit Swing with spring loaded hydraulic dampers
Brakes Front: 240 mm Dia Disc Rear: 130 mm Dia. Drum
Wheel and Tyres Front: 13 x 2.50, Alloy wheel with 110 / 70 x 13 tyre Rear: 11 x 3.50 , Alloy wheel with 120 / 70 x 11 tyre
Battery: Lithium Ion Battery
Head lamp: LED type
Position Lamp: LED type
Tail / stop lamp: LED type
Length 1884 mm
Width 850 mm
Height 1162 mm
Wheelbase 1347 mm
Ground clearance 140 mm
Kerb weight 140 kgs
Fuel tank capacity 3 Ltrs ( Min )

Check out the Hero Leap scooter image Gallery below

hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (4)
hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (3)
hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (2)
hero Leap electric hybrid scooter (1)
hero Leap electric hybrid scooter
Hero Motorcorp Leap Instrument cluster (4)
Hero Motorcorp Leap Instrument cluster (2)
Hero Motocorp Leap Hybrid scooter (4)
Hero Motocorp Leap Hybrid scooter (1)
Hero Leap Electric Scooter
Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter 2014
Hero Leap Projector headlight
hero leap tail light
hero leap belt drive

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