Here’s Your First Look At Batman’s New Batpod That Will Get Featured in ‘The Flash’ Movie

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Batman, or Gotham’s Caped Crusader is considered to be one of the most iconic superheroes of all time! And rightly so. I mean, it takes a lot to be in the same team with a Kryptonian, a demi-goddess and the fastest man on the whole wide planet! The Batman is renowned for many things. Be it the cool gadgets that he puts to use to beat the crap out of its arch-rivals or his stealth that makes him close to invisible when it gets dark. But for us petrolheads, there is another reason why we love this iconic superhero from DC universe and that is the cool set of wheels he has!

The Flash batpod

And soon, we could get to see a new batpod or batcycle being ridden by the Dark Knight! Batman could be getting a new two-wheeled ride for the new superhero movie “The Flash,” which is scheduled to premiere in 2022. While The Flash obviously doesn’t need any vehicle because he is the fastest man on the planet but to keep up with this superhuman, The Batman would surely need a new Batpod!

The Flash batpod (1)

The movie is currently being shot in Glasgow, Scotland. Several images have surfaced online from the shooting showing the Batcycle. The images show Batman riding the Batcycle. However, it is probably a stunt double of Ben Affleck. Talking about the Batpod featured in these images, it looks a lot bulky and chunkier than the one we last saw in Nolan’s Trilogy. It does look like a beefed-up version of the Dodge Tomahawk concept with two wheels upfront but as is evident from the images, the beefy front wheel assembly is a faux one and the actual wheel visible underneath is a lot smaller.

The Flash batpod (2)

Also, being the primary motorcycle of none other than the Dark Knight, it ought to have some serious amount of firepower, right? And the latest Batpod will not disappoint in that regard as the side-mounted machine gun barrels of Batcycle can be seen clearly in the images.

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The Flash batpod (3)

In addition to appearing in “The Flash,” Gotham City’s favourite son is also getting a new solo movie titled simply “The Batman,” with its own new vehicles.

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