2022 Audi RS3’s 5-Cylinder Madness Propels It To Become The Fastest Compact Car Around The Nurburgring

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Nurburgring, otherwise known as the Green Hell, is considered to be the ultimate testing ground for performance cars to prove their cred. Manufacturers too, swear by the lap times they manage to clock at the ‘Ring because faster lap times than their arch-rivals prove their utter domination. Audi recently unveiled the updated iteration of the RS3 sedan and hatchback and the German carmaker decided to send their latest offering to spend some time at the ‘Ring before the official unveil and guess what? The RS3 has managed to clock the fastest lap time around the ‘Ring for a compact car!

Audi RS3 nurburgring

What were the timings?

When Audi unveiled the 2022 RS3, it took everyone by surprise because petrolheads around the world were readying to have a mental breakdown because they thought that Audi would plonk in a hybrid powertrain inside the updated RS3 to make it polar bear friendly. But as it turned out, the engineers at Audi retained RS3’s 5-cylinder madness that helped it propel to clock a lap time of 7:40:748, making it around 4.64 seconds faster than the Renault Mégane R.S. Trophy-R.

Audi RS3 nurburgring (2)

Changes over the stock car

The reason why this particular RS3 is covered in heavy camouflage is that this test around the Green Hell took place in June, around a month before the official unveiling. It was piloted by Audi Sport racing and development driver Frank Stippler. To make it grip like a leech around the track, Audi shod it with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slicks, which had a specific tire pressure suitable for the speedy run around the Green Hell.

Audi RS3 nurburgring (1)

Potential customers too can opt for this sticky set of rubber while getting their RS3 delivered. Apart from this, a proper roll cage and racing seats were fitted to keep Stippler safe and firmly planted while he did all the hard work.

2022 Audi RS3 Specs

The RS3 sits at the top of the A3 range making it the fastest A3 that you can buy today. The turbocharged 2.5 litre inline-five engine produces 401hp and 500nm of torque.

audi rs3 2022 (1)

Audi has tweaked the engine to squeeze out an extra 7hp and 20nm of torque. It comes with Audi’s famed quattro all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring. The transmission is carried over from the previous-gen RS3 which is a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. Audi claims that it can do 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds and top speed will be limited to 250km/h.

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audi rs3 2022 rear (1)

The variable exhaust system will help in creating the glorious soundtrack which the five-cylinder engine is known for. The new torque vectoring system for the rear axle redirects power differently depending on the driving mode and there is also a drift mode called the RS torque rear mode which can direct torque to a single rear wheel for sliding on the track.

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