Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust Random Aftermarket Wheels For Your Royal Enfield

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If there’s one motorcycle brand for which aftermarket accessories are available like sugar at a grocery store, it has to be the Royal Enfield. From custom exhaust systems to wheels and seats, there are all kind of options out there if one has to create a unique identity for his/her bike. However, not all of these accessory makers are experienced or follow the standards necessary to build components for a machine where everything must be built to be sturdy and work in harmony. Like the below incident, if you decide to replace a vital component of your motorcycle with a poorly built aftermarket experiment, it could well turn out to be your last mod job ever.

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So it happened that to replace the factory-fitted spoke-type wheels, this Royal Enfield owner got aftermarket alloy wheels for his Classic. While on an everyday ride, in a surprising turn of events, those fancy looking spokes for being so brittle, simply disappear and even the hub went missing. As a result, the front forks weren’t holding anything in between and the bike decided to lay itself on the ground. Our minds shudder to think what would’ve been the case had this incident taken place on a highway while doing decent speeds. Thankfully, it was within the town and at a slow speed when the cheaply built wheel decided to come apart.

Dangerous Royal Enfield Aftermarket Alloy wheel

This is a serious incident which should alert those who tend to neglect aspects like quality and build before getting something that was forged with metal as strong as wax. We recommend sticking to factory approved accessories or stock components if it’s a moving part of your motorcycle. While a mirror or something cosmetic like that won’t threaten to kill you if it goes kaput, something as paramount as the Wheel, shouldn’t be fiddled with. Still, if you have to change it and procure it from elsewhere, do check if the product is made by a reputed manufacturer. If it’s an alloy wheel, ensure the ratio of metals used is mentioned and that the product has been tested thoroughly according to applicable standards.

Video Courtesy: Royal Roads 500 on YouTube

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