Here’s A List Of Official Triumph Accessories To Spruce Up Your Trident 660

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The Triumph Trident 660 has officially arrived in our country. The most affordable Triumph has managed to impress motorcyclists around the globe and if things go right, it could become the best-selling Triumph in our country. The Trident 660 is a middleweight roadster that should serve as a perfect upgrade for someone looking to enter the world of big-bikes. Apart from the motorcycle itself, Triumph has also launched a host of accessories for the Trident 660. While aftermarket solutions will take some time to gather pace, these official accessories should serve as the go-to option for someone looking forward to spruce up his Trident.

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Whether you are looking for enhanced styling, boosted comfort or space, extra tech, security, or your own personal touch, the company is confident that you will find genuine Triumph accessories worth investing in.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories (5)

For the looks

The Trident 660 is one handsome looking motorcycle and fuses retro elements with a touch of modernity. Take the retro LED headlamps for example! If you still think that your Trident could do with some extra character, Triumph is offering tinted flyscreen for the Trident. Apart from lending it some extra style, it will also assist the rider in battling the windblast. Triumph is also offering retro-styled bar-end mirrors for the Trident and to be honest, it makes it look a lot like the Street Triple RS.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories (3)

For extra protection

For extra protection, the British manufacturer has added Frame protection, front axle protectors, engine cover kit and tank pad.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories (2)

All with etched Triumph branding, building on the Trident’s unique styling, protection will leave you riding confident.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories

For connectivity

The Trident 660 boasts of a coloured TFT screen which also comes with Triumph’s connectivity feature but as far as we know, you will have to shell a bit more to avail this. The Triumph connectivity module allows integrated operation with smart phones. Benefit from turn-by-turn navigation from your phone and notifications channelled through your cleverly designed instrument TFT display. Triumph has also teamed up with GoPro, the leader in adventure. With Accessory Fit you can hook up your GoPro and control it with ease, keeping your focus on the road while capturing the adventures for later.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories (4)

There is also a USB charger on offer which will ensure that your tech is never running out of battery when you need it. The USB charging socket can be discreetly installed beneath the seat for the ultimate convenience in on-the-move charging.

For extra performance

If you are thinking of taking the Trident 660 for a track outing, it can also be availed with Shift Assist which is available as an accessory. It will basically eliminate the need of pulling the clutch lever while shifting gear.

Triumph Trident 660 accessories (1)

Further reassurance can be installed with the Thatcham approved Triumph Track +. With battery and antenna tamper and movement triggers, you will know your Trident is safe using A-GPS, GLONAS and 4G roaming sim to keep you updated. If anyone tampers with your ride the 24/7 monitoring will ensure you are the first to know.

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