Here is how you can get a litre of petrol for free

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We all strive for better incentives by maximising our performance at work and we believe that Ahmedabad police has found a similar way of making people work hard towards obeying traffic rules. To encourage safer driving, the police gave an incentive of one-litre free petrol to those following all traffic rules in Ramol area in the city.

Speaking to PTI about this initiative, police inspector P Solanki said, “More than 58 people, who were found obeying traffic rules in Ahmedabad on Thursday got incentives of one-litre of free petrol from police in Ramol area in the city. The police checked vehicles for drivers and those who have all necessary documents like licence and RC book as well as those wearing helmet and seat belts, were rewarded by us.”


Solanki added, “The police has started this initiative to encourage citizens to following traffic rules and we got a good response from the people as well. We will continue this traffic awareness drive for at least three days from 8 am to 8 pm.”

We feel that it is a good strategy to make people aware about the importance of traffic rules. However, we are sceptical as to how many people would follow the rules once this incentive is rolled back. What do you have to say about this initiative introduced by Ahmedabad police? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments below. Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates from motoring industry.

Source: PTI

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