Geneva 2011: Skoda Auto unveils new logo

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Skoda Auto has unveiled a new logo for the brand. We told you about the possible logo upgrade a couple of months ago. We had our reservations about the logo upgrade as the preliminary pictures of the upgrade were not looking very promising. However, after seeing the pictures of the new emblem, we must say that it has turned out quite nice.  Skoda has adopted a green-winged arrow encircled in the traditional fashion. The company presented its new logo under the slogan “The New Power of Škoda”.


The most important change affects the main part of the logo, the winged arrow, which in the new design will be much larger and more visible. The hue of the winged arrow has been changed from “natural green” to the new lush “ŠKODA Green”. The outer area is highlighted with a chrome look.


“We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers. Škoda is synonymous with attractive cars offering exceptional value for money, countless clever solutions and precisely executed work. All this is clearly reflected by our updated corporate design. As it forges ahead, ŠKODA is eager to flex its newfound strength in the international arena,” stressed Jürgen Stackmann, the Board Member responsible for marketing and sales. “Škoda is steadily evolving and it shows. Our new design and fresh outlook reflect our plans for the future”


Do you think the new logo represents the brand Skoda better to you? Let us know if you think that Skoda has succeeded in expressing their renewed vigor.


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