Gemopai Miso Mini Electric Scooter Teased

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Electric scooter manufacturer Gemopai has announced that the company will launch its new mini scooter Miso to join its range of electric two-wheelers on sale in India. According to a statement by the company, the Gemopai Miso will be launched sometime in June 2020. 

Gemopai will pitch the Miso as an efficient and value for money personal mobility vehicle especially in the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting mobility across the country. The company is positioning Miso as a first-of-its-kind product that meets the requirements of social distancing.

gemopai miso mini electric scooter teaser

What Can Be Expected Of The Miso?

The Miso will be available in two variants, for both personal uses, as well as for using it as a goods carrier. As a goods carrier, the Gemopai Miso will come with a standard loading carrier, and will also be available on sale without the carrier, to be used for the everyday commute. The Gemopai Miso is said to be completely made in India. Apart from the battery, the new e-scooter is locally assembled and manufactured. Gemopai will offer the Miso with different battery options. The company claims a range of 65km in a single charge.

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Gemopai is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility (founded in 2016) and Opai Electric, which has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing quality electric two-wheelers and has sold more than 1.5 crore electric two-wheelers worldwide. Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric have signed an MoU for joint venture technology transfer and cooperative agreements for further developing electric two-wheeler models for the Indian market.

Gemopai already sells electric scooters in our country. Its last launch was the Gemopai Astrid Lite which is available in India as well as in Nepal. Astrid Lite comes with a 1.7Kw lithium-ion battery pack and has a range of 75-90 km depending on the mode selected. It has three riding modes of Economy, City and Sports. The range can be extended to 150 – 180 km by opting for a dual battery setup. Astrid Lite has a 48w/20Ah lithium-ion battery and offers a range of 70 km. Now, with the new Gemopai Miso mini electric scooter, the EV brand is looking at expanding its range. The Gemopai Miso mini electric scooter will be a cost-effective, value-for-money, efficient and comfortable mobility vehicle.

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, we expect a lot of people to opt for personal mobility as compared to shared mobility and public transports. A majority of such people are likely to gravitate towards two-wheelers (because of affordability), especially electric two-wheelers, which have a very low running cost. In line with this, products like Gemopai Miso and other entry-level EVs can be more in demand than ever.

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