GAD-Motors Soups up a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series; Outputs 850 HP

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GAD-Motors have installed an uprated V8 twin-turbo M157 engine in the already powerful Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series. This car is 4MATIC (which is Mercedes-Benz’s 4 Wheel Drive system).


As some of you enthusiasts already know,  the standard C63 AMG Black Series produces a max power of 517 HP from the naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter M156 V8 engine. But, this particular souped machine from the GAD-Motors, is fitted with an upgraded twin-turbo V8 M157 motor. This V8 twin-turbo engine revvs over  7,000 rpm, a feat very few cars can acheive and the power is up from 517 HP to a whopping 850 HP. The engine can also be called as a torque monster, the reason being that it produces a humongous torque figure of 1350 NM.

The car features a modified 4MATIC system. Also, the MCT gearbox is customized to handle up to 1500 NM of torque. This car dismisses the 0-100 kmph mark in just 3.1 seconds. The stock C63 AMG Black Series takes 4.2 seconds for this. The additional HP with this new engine shave off a whole 1.1 seconds of time required to hit the ton from standstill. This highly-tuned C63 AMG Black Series from GAD-Motors needs just 8.8 seconds to hit the 200 kmph mark and 23.5 seconds to hit 300 kmph from standstill .

The car comes  equipped with a bespoke adjustable suspension from KW. Also, this beast needs some extra power for stopping, which is provided bycarbon ceramic brakes. These brakes will stop the car from 100 kmph in just 33 meters and from 200 kmph in just 132 meters.

The cost of the entire upgrade kit, excluding the car, is 180250 EUR only.


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