Ford and Harman join hands to provide customized in-vehicle audio experience


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As new car buyers say audio brands are influencing their opinions of vehicles, Ford and Harman are teaming up to revolutionize in-vehicle experiences through the introduction of all-new B&O PLAY audio systems in Ford vehicles worldwide.

A recent Ipsos 2016 Automotive Audio Branding study, shows roughly one-third of new car buyers say that the audio brand in their next vehicle would have a considerable impact on their purchase consideration.

B&O PLAY products re-imagine more than 90 years of audio heritage, with natural materials, design and high-quality audio for integrated experiences, whether a listener is in their home, on the go, or soon, in their car.  Ford announced the exclusive collaboration with Harman during the automaker’s annual Further with Ford trend conference. B&O PLAY debuts in Ford vehicles globally starting next year.

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Elevated experiences

B&O PLAY’s approach creates an audio experience for customers with tailored speaker placement and calibration for each vehicle in the Ford range. This means dynamic tuning ensures optimal sound is maintained in the cabin no matter what driving conditions are like – and regardless of where someone sits. To illustrate the power of sound, Ford and B&O PLAY unveiled an installation called Sound Journeys, an on-site experience that triggers the five senses.

Using B&O PLAY products, the installation brings to life three different environmental habitats – a forest, a canyon and an ocean – featuring amplified sound. The experience even “visualizes” sound waves, demonstrating how sound can transform everyday spaces, creating richer, more visceral experiences for people.

Raj Nair, Ford‘s executive vice president, product development and chief technical officer, said that customers tell them they value consistent, high-quality audio experiences, and their collaboration with Harman is helping provide that. This is just one of the ways they are creating richer, more engaging in-vehicle experiences for customers.

Ford and B&O PLAY are a perfect match among brands that stand for quality, freedom and innovative design, coming together to revolutionize the driving experience for consumers. With our shared commitment to seamless engagement and elevated experiences, Ford is the ideal automaker to bring the transformative power of B&O PLAY audio to drivers and passengers worldwide”, said Michael Mauser, executive vice president and president of HARMAN’s Lifestyle Audio Division.

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