Footage Of A Helmetless Scooter Rider Ramming Into A Cop Asks Serious Questions

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Just the other day, while taking a right turn under a flyover, I was cutting it close to the pillar for being in the rightmost lane. Suddenly, a biker riding on the wrong side appeared out of nowhere after being hidden all this while behind the concrete. I braked just in time, the car behind me almost kissed my car’s rear, and the biker lost his balance and fell. When confronted with the question if he doesn’t care for his life or others’, he replied with a straight-faced ‘No’ and asked me to mind my business. Deciding to move on instead of arguing with an idiot, I came across three such other riders. They would’ve ridden over my car’s bonnet or squished themselves between my car’s right-hand side and the divider had I not braked and waited for the car in the left lane to move and then swerve to give them space.

A lady driving ahead of me lowered her window to pop her hand out in protest. So one of the bikers thought she was asking for a High Five. He slapped her palm and zoomed off to face oncoming traffic like it was a movie! Capturing this strange lawlessness is this video, where a helmetless scooter rider comes across a police barricade. Instead of slowing down, he keeps it pinned and the Cop trying to do his duty makes the mistake of using his body as a barrier to stop some fast-moving metal, a man and a woman.

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The trouble is, this isn’t an isolated incident. Such motorists exist in large numbers throughout the country and we don’t think it is the lack of education which people put the blame on for such behaviour. Because it only takes common sense and logic to understand that traffic rules and safety aids like a Helmet exist for personal safety. We don’t know what causes the rebellious behaviour in such motorists. But they sure are very angry when confronted in the mildest of demeanours even by commoners. It’s like a plague, this behaviour, and not everything requires the forces of law to correct the course. The basic instincts of survival aren’t relative to education either. So maybe it’s in our blood perhaps, whatever makes us act like idiots.

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