First Look: Honda Adventure Sports V4 – Is the 2011 Honda Crosstourer

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After the three official teasers, revealed by Honda of their Adventure Sports V4 800; here’s is the unofficial pic of the new machine, which will be henceforth known as the ‘Honda Crosstourer. This pic was snapped by blokes at, when they got a chance to sneak around the Honda booth at the Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy, which begins today.

Official pics and specs should be with us, latest by today afternoon. So stay tuned to for regular updates on the latest bikes unveiled at the Milan Show.

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  • Prasad Subramanian says:

    Awesome bike, it was wonderful to read the article. I felt like reading a poem filled with emotions of a biker. simply beautiful!!

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    Wow! Amazing writeup and so are the pics. I wonder the 110 Rs/litre fuel didnt do any harm to the engine- coz am not sure about the purity of fuels available at such places.

    Great work! Enjoyed every bit of it!

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    I guess you have pressed the clutch while taking the last pic on page one.

  • Mohsin Khawas says:


    Amazing write up and pictures, you made me to fall in love again with a Blade. Enjoyed each and every picture took and a word written over here. Waiting for more like this on MOTOROIDS