Ferrari 812 Competizone Twins Unveiled And Are Already Sold Out!

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There aren’t many supercar manufacturers out there that invoke emotions as strong as Ferrari. The F40 is still considered to be one of the most iconic cars of all time and that wouldn’t change in the distant future as well. And take the LaFerrari for example, which still holds a place in what we fondly call as ‘The Holy Trinity’. And now, Ferrari has unveiled the 812 Competizione and the Competizione A. The former is derived from the 812 Superfast and the latter is the evolution of 812 GTS.

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Both the cars will be built in limited numbers and if reports are to be believed, they are already sold out! For instance, the 812 Competizone will see a production run of just 999 units while the Competizone Aperta is limited to just 599 units.

Ferrari 812 superfast Limited edition (2)


The 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A have 6.5 liter V12 engines and 7-speed dual-clutch gearboxes, pushing the performance of the latter to new extremes and delivering a new gearshift feeling for the V12, says Ferrari. While on the 812 Superfast, the engine air intakes are set either side of the large central grille, the 812 Competizione adopts an integrated solution with a single air duct.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited edition

The monstrous engine puts down 830hp; up 30hp from the standard car. As mentioned, this makes it the most powerful series production road-going V12 Ferrari has ever made. The naturally aspirated engine gets a redline of 9,500rpm, which also makes it the highest revving Ferrari in production.


While the stock 812 Superfast looks drop-dead gorgeous, the limited-edition variant featured here looks menacing. This has been achieved by the deployment of more aggressive front bumper and splitter, and a carbon blade that runs across the bonnet.

Ferrari 812 Competizone (1)

As for the aero, the model will feature a completely revised package. Ferrari claims that it will offer more downforce than the regular 812.

Ferrari 812 Competizone

It will have new front air intakes, a brand new rear diffuser and exhaust configuration and a patented design for the rear screen that comes with vortex generators. The Competizione A meanwhile gets a set of flying buttresses in a very typical Ferrari style, with an inbuilt spoiler that adds downforce.

Ferrari 812 Competizone (2)

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