Feel Bad About How Cops Treat Modified Cars And Enthusiasts In India? Check Out What Happens In Germany

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When as a motoring enthusiast you think about Germany, what comes to mind is the Autobahn, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, Hockenheim and then top carmakers like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi. Places which are akin to a pilgrimage for enthusiasts and brands which have in the past and even now, continue to redefine the world of automobiles. Combine these things and you’d imagine that Germany as a country must be all about motoring nirvana where the atmosphere must be buzzing with automotive magic. However, once you watch the video below, all that will change.

The above video is a teaser for an upcoming documentary about one of the biggest car stoppages and seizures in Germany that happened on 3rd May 2019. It involved participants of the largest car rally in Europe – Euro rally 2019. The description of the video mentions that the entourage’s car-lover journey turned into a real nightmare for more than 200 people taking part in a trip Oslo-Gothenburg-Kiel-Szczecin-Legnica-Prague rally. All the 120 Cars were stopped and seized by police on a highway near Germany and everyone was left outside on the street in cold and unaware of what is happening. The teaser then leaves its viewers with questions like, what happens next? Who will be able to explain exactly what the participants are being detained for and how these events will be resolved? Will such events disrupt the planned trip and will their participants reach their destination in Prague?

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However, the comments section as always is lit and is enough to shed light on what exactly happened. Most of those aware of the situation in Germany go on to mention that the police there too, is unreasonable towards “tuners” or car enthusiasts. Even something as simple as aftermarket wheels or a custom exhaust can lead to the car being impounded and then inspected by the TÜVs (Technischer Überwachungsverein; Technical Inspection Association in simple language) and getting it back is either a very expensive affair or an impossible task. Some of the country’s residents even go on to mention, “If you want to have fun with modified cars, just avoid Germany.”

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