Facebook posing lands motorcycle thieves in jail

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Social networking is indeed a great tool when it comes to keeping in touch with one’s social circle- but off late it has transformed into a platform where many look at it as a space to broadcast their quotient of being cool than the others. A similar stunt by two motorcycle thieves who tried to make themselves look like cool dudes, landed straight behind bars. It’s a funny story and this is how it goes.

motorcycle thieves facebook

26 year old Jonathan Dougan and 23 year old Matthew Murphy from Manchester, England went about a Facebook posting spree as they did with motorcycle thefts, posting pictures of them posing with cars and motorcycles they had flicked in the past seven months. A KTM owner who had his bike gone missing reported to the cops when one of the thieves posted a posing image on his stolen KTM. Earlier to the case, Matthew Murphy was happily found posing alongside a Mercedes A Class and a Triumph Bonneville in his Facebook album.

motorcycle thieves facebook(2)

Both of the thieves were traced to their holes and nabbed by the cops. As a matter of record, both of them were already being served a sentence for their previous robbery and were barred from being together. At present both the cool dudes are serving at their rightful habitat- the PRISON. And as per the sentence awarded to both- they shouldn’t be out anytime soon considering their term of nine years and four months.

Our humble appeal to all motorcycle thieves in this part of the world- we so dearly wish to see you posing on Facebook just like Jonathan and Matthew 😀

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