F1 Update: Cosworth Offers German F1 GP from an Engine’s Perspective

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The Hockenheimring has only hosted one Formula One Grand Prix since Cosworth’s last involvement as an engine supplier back in 2006. It is one of the oldest circuits in Europe with a history dating back to the 1930s but it has only been an established F1 race track since 1970.

Prior to its substantial modifications after the 2001 event, Hockenheim was one of the sternest tests of engine performance and reliability with long periods at full throttle interrupted only by the occasional chicane. Race results were often dictated by the strength of the power unit but even now Hockenheimring is still above average when it comes to engine demands.

The first half of the lap sees drivers reach over 300km/h on three occasions heading into the first and second turns, and then again down the long Parabolika straight into turn 6, which is a slow first gear hairpin demanding excellent braking stability from around 320kmh down to around 60kmh. This is a prime overtaking spot around the lap. The second half of the lap comprises a number of slower speed corners interlinking medium speed sections, which demand good braking stability and traction. Efficient engine delivery from the final double right hander will be important to get a good run down the start-finish straight and the next lap.

The German Grand Prix is usually met with extremely hot weather conditions which will place additional demands on cooling systems, but early forecasts suggest a high possibility of rain showers over the weekend.

Fast Fact

Cosworth-powered Rubens Barrichello is the fifth highest points-scorer in the last two races having amassed a cumulative total of 22 championship points in Valencia and Silverstone. Only the four drivers at the head of the championship have scored more.

This Weekend in History… 25 July 1993

Like Cosworth, the 2010 German Grand Prix will see Michael Schumacher participate in his first Hockenheim event since 2006. Back in 1993, it was Cosworth V8 power that helped Schumacher claim second place in his Benetton-Ford.

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