Mahindra Great Escape to kick-off in Mumbai!

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There are car makers for whom the relationship with their customers is limited to the sales-service departments only. And then there are manufacturers who take the company-customer relationship to different levels by organizing rallies and other such events.

Mahindra, being one of the few brands who extend the company-customer relationship beyond the sales-service circle started something called Mahindra Great Escape. A series of off-roading events for the like minded blokes who like to spend some time with their vehicle doing some serious mud plugging is what the Great Escape is all about. It is like the Himalayan Odyssey for the off roaders, except that you dont have to go to the Himalayas in this case.

Here in India, there are lots of people who spend their hard earned money on SUVs and 4WD vehicles. But most of them don’t use their vehicles for the job they are meant to do, which is not just going from point A to B. The reason, to an extent is the fear of scraping the underbody of their prized possessions. And do we have enough events where some serious off-roading could be done without ending up being upside down on, er, i mean off the road? Mahindra’s Great Escape proved to be a boon for all those who wanted to explore the capabilities of their vehicles . And now its back. Start packing your bags and apply for leave in your office too.

And Mumbaikars have a reason to smile now. The reason- the Great Escape will start from Mumbai, on the 25th of this month. Registration would be done on the spot at 7:30 am on the same day, after which the briefing session will take place at 9:30 am followed by the flag off event.

Interested? Feel free to contact them. Make sure your off-roader is prepared to take some serious torture!

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