Exclusive: Motoroids reader spots new Honda Unicorn 160 at Noida dealership


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Introduced in 2005, the Honda Unicorn, in true sense, was a game changer and a market gainer for the Japanese two-wheeler major. The butter smooth engine, minimal maintenance cost, low fuel consumption and comfortable ergonomics helped this motorcycle clock great sales figures. Even today, people are willing to wait for nearly 60-90 days or pay a premium just to lay their hands on the motorcycle. Honda made several attempts to cash in on the Unicorn brand by introducing products sharing the platform with a diferent name tag but the customers were too enamored by the brand to accept anything else.

But things took a different turn a few days ago when rumours of a 160cc variant of the Honda CB Unicorn caught everyone’s attention. So after several speculations, we finally got our hands on exclusive Honda CB Unicorn 160 images through an avid reader and follower of Motoroids who spotted the motorcycle at a local dealership. Let us understand in detail the new offering from Honda.

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In terms of design, we believe that Honda has tried to implement best of both worlds on this upcoming motorcycle by incorporating the looks and features of Honda CB Unicorn with CB Trigger. But the needle bends more towards the CB Trigger than the CB Unicorn. The muscular tank resembles the design of the Honda CB Unicorn but now comes with the addition of tank shrouds which hold the 3-D Honda emblem. The side panel appears to be a redesigned unit from the CB Trigger. We can spot a small choke switch peeping out from under the fuel knob on the left side of the engine which indicated no fuel injection. The three fins on the side panels are somewhat similar to the two fins on the CB Trigger. The rider and pillion footrests are directly borrowed from the CB Trigger.

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Going further behind, we can see an all new saree guard which is a mix of fibre and metal. The panel under the seat looks a little bigger and somehow does not mix well with the overall design. The tail end gets a refreshed look with a new tail light that gets an “H” design. We are not sure if this will be an LED unit like the CB Trigger or the conventional light from CB Unicorn. The number plate holder and mud guard reeks of CB Trigger design. The photographs do not have a front view and hence we cannot comment much on that part.

The handlebar and switch gear are directly borrowed from the modern CB Trigger rather than the conventional CB Unicorn. The all digital instrument cluster too reminds us of the CB Trigger but seems to have been reworked for the new motorcycle. The bike doesnt impress much in the braking department with the rear wheel missing out on a disc brake. We expect to see the existing front 240 mm disc and rear 130 drum on the new motorcycle.

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Coming to the engine, we expect the 160cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine to put out about 14 hp of power and the same number of torque. The engine, as mentioned above, will be a carbureted unit.

In all, the new 160cc motorcycle is a redesigned Honda CB Trigger with the much famous CB Unicorn badge. The naming of the motorcycle seems like a marketing strategy to make most of the CB Unicorn brand name that influences most of the buyers in today’s day.

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