VIDEO: Watch this 1000 bhp JCB GT digger pop wheelies and reach 116.8 km/hr



Of course, the JCB GT gets a designated driver!

116.8 km/hr is not a lot, but if the vehicle doing it happens to be construction/heavy equipment, you’d better take notice for a couple of minutes. This is the JCB GT and, and this bad-ass backhoe loader has been blessed with a massive 7.4-liter, Chevrolet V8 engine putting out well over 1,000 hp. Other modifications include a light steel chassis, fiberglass body, aluminum bucket and smaller toy car-like front wheels.

Originally designed to perform high-speed wheelies at racing events, the JCB GT has been crowned as the fastest digger on earth, after “The Dig”, as it is lovingly called, reached speeds of up to 72.58 mph (116.8 km/h) in a top speed attempt made in front of independent record officials at Bathurst, near Sydney. A regular JCB would barely make it to 50 km/hr or so, with chances of leaving fallen bits of metal in it wake.


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