Enhance The Night Appearance Of Your Bike With This Glow In The Dark Wrap

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The colour of your vehicle is the first thing that you would select while buying. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of colour options a manufacturer can offer for a car or a bike. That said, you always have an option of repainting your bike to the colour of your choice once you have purchased it. That however, comes with downsides. Firstly, it would be rather expensive to match the OEM paint and finish quality and the resale value of your bike too would be affected. Fret not, nowadays, you have yet another option to go to. Instead of painting, one can wrap their machine in the colour of their choice. Moreover, wraps let you have such designs, like the one we shall showcase, that can be done on your pride and joy.

Glow in the dark wrap Yamaha R15

A wrap gives you the benefit of removing it and returning back to the stock colour without much fuss. A mere removal of the sticker is required to go back to your original paint scheme. A wrap also gives you the option of adding some special effects, like this glow in the dark effect, mimicking the appearance of the bikes from the movie Tron. While in the daylight, this would appear as a mere highlight to some lines and creases of your machine, the whole look would change once the lights are out. Chennai based A-Wraps has fone such a treatment to two rather different motorcycles, do have a look.

Glow in the dark wrap Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

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The first motorcycle we shall talk about is the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. The whole bikes gets wrapped in Satin Black shade with highlights in Aqua Blue. In the night, these glow in the dark lines highlight the tank, the rims, the belly and some other design elements. The other bike to receive a similar treatment is the Yamaha R3. This bike too, is wrapped in a shade of Satin Black with Aqua Blue highlights. Since the bike comes with a fairing, it enabled the wrapping team to create some more drama with the glow in the dark accents. The rider also got the helmet with similar accents and looks eye-catching during the night. Would you like this design on your bike? Let us know in the comments of our social media pages.

Image Source: awraps_chennai on Instagram