Need For Speed World is live!

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A petrolhead of today’s generation who has never heard of the ‘Need for Speed’ video game franchise is a little hard to find. And if you are one of those NFS aficionados, then there some good news for you – EA’s NFS World is now live!

Click on the image to visit the Need For Speed World website

The Need For Speed World web-game is setup in an online virtual space and allows players to race most of the exotics that you would find in a typical Need For Speed installment – from an entry level Mazda Speed3 to roaring Lamborghinis that can send tickles down your spine. Though the game has been hosted for quite a while now with selected beta testers testing the game for all its features, EA claims that the game is still in Beta stage but is now open for all. The game-maker even urges you to report bugs and glitches to improve the game further. The setup file weighs less than 6 MB and downloads further data (more than 700 MB) once you run the setup. The servers are hosted only in the European regions and North America as of now and we don’t expect any to be setup in India anytime soon, so ping times could be a hampering factor if you are not running a respectable broadband speed / bandwidth. If you have already been playing the game or intend to start off, do let us know what you feel about the newest installment in the NFS franchise…

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