Electric Car Maker Tesla Motors Looking to Enter India Next Year

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Yes, you read it right ! American electric car maker, Tesla Motors, is looking to enter in to the Indian market next year. Tesla Motors manufactures fully electric luxury cars.

Deepak Ahuja, the chief financial officer of Tesla Motors, said, “India is a huge potential market where we need to be. “I think sometime in 2015 seems to make sense to enter India, but it’s difficult to make an official announcement.”


Tesla is currently developing its least-expensive, third-generation car that Ahuja said is ideal for markets such as India. Speaking on the car makers entry into India, Ahuja further said, “There is potentially a demand in India, but Tesla is a high-end luxury car so demand might be somewhat constrained initially and be similar to other luxury cars.”


Tesla currently has the Model S as its newest offering. The Model S is the first premium sedan designed from the ground up to take full advantage of electric vehicle architecture. A revolutionary powertrain sits under the floorboard of Tesla Model S, creating an ultra-low center of gravity. Paired with an aluminum body engineered for superior handling, the car has all the features which ensure highest standards for safety.


With the most energy-dense battery pack in the industry and best-in-class aerodynamics, Model S has the longest range of any production electric car in the world. The Tesla Model S comes with three battery options to fit the unique needs of different drivers. The 85 kWh Model S has received a US fuel economy rating of 89 MPG and an EPA rated range of 265 miles. The Model S is priced at USD 50,000 in the USA.

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Source : ET

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