Ducati Announces Performance Touring Accessories For Its Bikes

Ducati has announced performance touring accessories for the Multistrada, Diavel, Monster and SuperSport range. The range includes a top box, panniers, a satellite navigator, a tank bag and more.

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Ducati offers a motorcycle to suit every rider’s preferences, be it from track-oriented monsters and their street versions to a cruiser, scramblers, cafe racers and adventure tourers. For a few of these Italian beauties which are designed to cover longer distances, the brand has now announced performance touring accessories.

Among the families of the Ducati range that best lend themselves to the touring concept are Diavel, Multistrada, SuperSport and Monster. Designed by the Ducati Centro Stile and made in synergy with the best companies in the sector, the accessories included in the selection are side panniers, larger windscreens, comfort seats and other accessories, created specifically for those who love to explore and visit new places, alone or in the company of a passenger. Mentioned below are the options:

Diavel Family

DU 2018 11 14 DIAVEL BORSE

Passenger rear backrest

Designed to make the passenger more comfortable, the use of this accessory allows them to relax and enjoy the journey with maximum comfort.

Set of semi-rigid side panniers

The semi-rigid side panniers for the Diavel family have a modern design that integrates with the style of the bike. The volumes have been designed to ensure maximum capacity (36 litres total, 18 litres per bag), which can also be reached thanks to the thermoformed interior and the fabric exterior.

Multistrada Family

Ducati Zumo 396 satellite navigator kit

Equipped with prearrangement for ergonomic installation on the motorbike through top support, which makes it clearly visible also even with a tank bags installed thanks to a wide 4.3 display. It fully satisfies the needs of the most demanding riders. The glove-friendly user interface makes it simple to use. Its body is sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to fuel splashes and UV.

Ducati Performance Touring Accessories (3)

It is equipped with a Bluetooth module allowing the rider to make a hands free call (when connected to the smartphone, via compatible earphones and helmet) and listen to music from the internal MP3 player. It saves the paths travelled, which can be exported to a PC for storage purposes and for exchanging them with other users in wireless mode. It also includes the Group Track Function to share routes in real-time (via Smartphone Link). The functions “Round Trip”, “TrackBack” and “Percorsi avventurosi” top off this equipment, to travel on routes full of bends; and finally, the Rider Alerts function that promptly warns the rider of speed limit changes and the presence of speed camera stations or camera-controlled traffic lights.

Rigid side panniers

An accessory with a captivating design, its volumes are studies to ensure maximum capacity (56.6 litres total), without affecting the dynamic lines of the Multistrada. Made in high-quality materials to ensure waterproofing features and excellent resistance, the rigid side panniers can be combined with its custom liners to make use of all the space keep them tidy. The liners are made in black fabric with red finishing, in true Ducati style. The practical handles make it a versatile product.

Plastic top case

Ducati Performance Touring Accessories (1)

Its quick-release system is integrated with the vehicle. It boasts of a 48-litre capacity to easily house two full-face helmets and is customisable with covers in different colours. The plastic top case can be combined with its custom liner, designed to use and organise the space inside the top case in the best possible way. Features practical carrying handles. The liner is made in black fabric with red finishings and Ducati Performance logo so as not to renounce to style, not even in the details.

Smartphone support

This smartphone support made of aluminium alloy by means of a CNC machine fits on all types of handlebars. It can be mounted with the positioning arm or as direct clamp support. Both solutions allow 360° rotation for optimal positioning. For maximum protection of your smartphone, the support is designed with a unique system that allows you to cut G forces up to 40%, greatly reducing vibrations. After connecting the smartphone cover to the bike using the support, you will be free to enjoy your travels without any worries.

Phone case for smartphone support

Slim and functional, it includes a protective cover to protect your smartphone at all times. Equipped with a fast, secure attach and release system for the handlebar smartphone support.

Gran Turismo windscreen

Height and width increased by 35 and 20 mm, respectively, to offer optimal aerodynamic protection. Made of very high-quality materials to ensure strength and stability. The excellent technical features, combined with a design that perfectly matches the motorbike lines, make it an accessory you cannot do without in long journeys.

SuperSport Family

Side panniers

Ducati Performance Touring Accessories (5)

Rigid, lightweight and expandable, they come complete with mounting brackets with a quick-release mounting system. Made of thermoformed EVA and coated with polyester and PU, these panniers are distinguished by their balance between load capacity (up to 50 litres) – sufficient for a standard-size helmet – and their aerodynamic and sporty lines. Equipped with waterproof zips, padlocked closure and reflective inserts.

Lowered seat

Thanks to its shape and to the reduction in height of -20 mm, the lowered seat makes it easier to reach the ground without sacrificing comfort while riding.

Monster Family

Comfort seat

25 mm higher, it is made from high-density foam and lined with technical fabric. Designed to improve rider and passenger comfort.

Tank pocket bag


A useful accessory with semi-rigid structure and 5-litre capacity to store mobile phone, wallet, documents and other personal belongings. Equipped with a quick coupling system to the tank cap and an upper pocket for the smartphone. Practical rain cover included in the kit. A perfect accessory to keep all your essentials at hand at all times.

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Passenger grab handles

They assure due support and increase passenger comfort.

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