Godrej Protekt Launches Travel-Friendly Hygiene And Disinfectant Products

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While staying indoors is probably the best thing one could do to stay protected in the current times, it isn’t possible to remain confined at all times. While wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining physical distance is the order of the day, there are some products which can be used to ensure the safety net around us widens.

Godrej Protekt has launched a range of travel-friendly ‘On The Go’ personal hygiene and disinfectant products to enable journeys without fear. The range comprises of essential travel products that provide 99.9% protection against germs and bacteria and aims to empower travellers with quick hygiene fixes. These products with fresh fragrances, ensure protection from illness and infections.

All new Godrej Protekt range

On The G0 Disinfectant Spray

The Godrej Protekt On The Go Disinfectant Spray is easy to use as it needs to be sprayed on the surface and left to dry off.

Usage: Handles, side-mirrors, steering wheel, seats, seatbelts, armrests, door handles, luggage handles

Highlights: Kills 99.9% germs | Anti-bacterial | Easy to carry

Price and net quantity: 85ml @ INR 100

Godrej Protekt Instant Hand Sanitizer Sachet

When soap and water aren’t available, this instant hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs. A travel essential, the gel-based hand sanitizer leaves hands feeling soft and fragrant. It comes in a sleek sachet priced affordably for usage while you are on the go.

Key highlights: Kills 99.9% germs | 60% alcohol-based | Transparent gel

Price and Net Quantity: 2ml sachet @ INR 1

Also available in bottles: 50ml @ INR 25 | 100 ml @ INR 50 | 200ml @ INR 100 | [email protected] INR 250 | 5000ml @ INR 2500

Godrej Protekt Anti-Bacterial Skin Wipes

To wipe off the travel fatigue from your face and revive freshness, these wipes can easily be incorporated in a travel hygiene-kit. They are available in re-sealable packs for the ease of use.

Key highlights: Kills 99.9% germs | Anti-bacterial | Moisturise skin

Price and Net Quantity: Pack of 10 @ INR 50 | Pack of 30 @ INR 120 | available only on popular e-commerce shopping platforms

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Godrej Protekt Disinfectant Surface Wipes

A quick hygiene fix for unclean surfaces especially when you are on the go. The disinfectant wipes can be used on all surfaces both inside and outside the home for defeating germs and bacteria. These wipes can be used on surfaces of all your gizmos and gadgets.

Price and Net Quantity: Pack of 30 @ INR 140 | available only on popular e-commerce shopping platforms

Godrej Protekt Reusable P-W95 Face Mask

To ensure safe travel it is important to always wear a face mask. Godrej Protekt ReusableP-W95 Face Mask comes with a six-layer germ shield, is 99% splash & droplet resistant and filters 95% bacteria.

Key highlights: 99% splash & droplet resistance | 95% bacteria, dust, and particle filtration |Anti-germ | Anti-pollution | Super breathable | Re-usable | Available in medium and large size

Price and Net Quantity: INR 240 per piece

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