Drunk Youth Rams Mercedes Into Maruti Swift While Avoiding Police Check Post


In another case of drunk driving, a 19 year old boy rammed his Mercedes-Benz into a Maruti Swift while attempting to avoid a check post in Delhi. The incident occurred on August 11, 2017 when Dhruv Bagla, the driver of the C-Class, was returning home after allegedly having a few drinks at a pub in Connaught Place.


Bagla, who was accompanied by his friend Karan Jain, was driving home around 11 pm when the team of traffic police officials signaled the car to stop at a check post. A policeman deployed at the checkpoint said that the car initially slowed down before speeding away at the first chance.

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The driver of the C-Class tried to jump a red light barely 100 meters from the check post when he rammed into a Maruti Suzuki Swift. Following a collision, the Mercedes ran onto the pavement and hit a signboard before coming to a halt.


While the occupants of the Mercedes-Benz escaped without any injuries due to the deployment of the airbags, the Swift, driven by the driver of a former director general of Tihar jail, suffered serious injuries but is currently said to be out of danger.


The DCP of the area said that a case has been registered against Bagla following which he was arrested but later released on bail. Medical tests confirmed that both the occupants of the Mercedes were drunk at the time of the incident. Bagla is said to be the son of a car dealer who studies at a private university in the NCR region.

Source: Hindustan Times

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