VIDEO: There’s a lot to learn from this Suzuki Hayabusa crash

A Suzuki Hayabusa rider in Punjab who underestimated the notoriety of Indian Roads and refused to learn from his mistakes.


It’s not for nothing that the roads in India have earned their notoriety. When you’re out there on two wheels, the risk is twice as much. Doesn’t matter if you are on a 50cc moped or astride something as ballistic as the Suzuki Hayabusa. If you aren’t careful, the ride could end up being your last. In this video, the rider on his superbike is in such a hurry, he doesn’t care to stop for a truck which is reversing perpendicular to the road, directly in his path.


Wearing just a helmet, he chooses to ignore a sedan which is waiting for the truck to finish and tries to cheat the goods carrier by getting on to an open section of the unpaved median. He stumbles upon an innocent cyclist waiting to cross the road, brakes, and tips over. With some help from a fellow motorcyclist who was following him, he recovers. But instead of getting to safety first and then checking for any damage to the motorcycle, he stays put.

A Punjab Roadways bus driver he had probably annoyed before arriving at the junction, thunders towards the spot and drives his vehicle so close to the bike, it nearly scrapes the bike’s mirror off and its rear tyre almost squishes the rider’s left foot. That bus goes through, but the rider still doesn’t realise how vulnerable he is at that spot and continues to assess the damage.

Your life is more important than the fanciest superbike. If you ever take a fall, get to safety first, check yourself and then the motorcycle. Look far ahead in the direction of travel and when you see an obstacle on the road, anticipate, plan, and stop well before the hazard. Be safe and the chances of you living to ride another day, maybe a fancier motorcycle, will only increase.

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  • Democracy also means that we understand and respect our individual duty of being a responsible citizen. Just because someone else is blind, doesn’t mean we shut our eyes too. Blaming everything on the authorities and demanding that they intervene to resolve every problem is a way of telling them that unless we are caned, we just can’t follow rules and behave on our own.

  • uday says:

    Dont say .’roads in india’, as if its not you. A nation is not a name or land. It means people.
    India is a democracy, understand what democracy means. In democracy people have all the power. Have we stepped of our comfort zone and demanded to authorities and public representatives about implementation of traffic rules? have we ever reported traffic incident and see it though its completion?
    Just electing a representative once in a while then sit back and blame him is not the way of democracy.