Driving In Lockdown 3.0 In A Red zone: Follow These Guidelines To Stay Out Of Trouble

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India has entered the third phase of the ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. From Monday (May 4) new guidelines have been implemented all across the country on movements. Depending on the severity and number of infected cases, the entire country has been divided into three zones- Red, Orange and Green, with Red zone being the most affected areas and Green zone being the least affected areas.

As mentioned, the restrictions imposed are the most severe in the Red zones and least severe on the Green Zones. In this third phase of the nationwide lockdown, the government has released some guidelines about which activities are allowed and which ones are not allowed. So what does a person belonging to a Red Zone need to follow while taking out his vehicle to avail essential services? Let’s have a look.

What is Allowed?

The government has allowed private vehicles on road during the lockdown to ferry commuters to offices. Cabs ferrying employees in essential sectors will be allowed. For four-wheelers, the number of passengers allowed has been raised to three from two earlier. Now a driver can carry a maximum of two more occupants in a car during the lockdown 3.0. For two-wheelers, only the rider will be allowed to ply. No pillion will be allowed.

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What is not Allowed?

Like in the previous phases of the lockdown, ban on commercial vehicles like autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, and app-based cabs will continue in the Red Zone. No vehicle movement will be allowed for those living in containment zones.

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Who can take vehicles out?

Relaxation in vehicular movements does not mean anybody can take their cars out for a ride. In certain Red Zones, some of the governments have allowed offices to open with up to 33 percent work strength as per requirement. Hence, people commuting to those offices will be able to take their vehicles out, keeping in mind the guidelines. However, such people are required to carry the movement passes issued by the concerned authorities. 

Timings for vehicular movement?

Several Red Zones will have Section 144 imposed between 7 pm and 7 am, which means no vehicular movement will be allowed during this period. So if one is venturing out, they need to make sure that they keep the time in check unless and until there is a medical emergency. The only vehicles to be allowed during this period will be of healthcare workers.

Penalty for violating lockdown rules

Anyone found violating the lockdown rules and the National Directives for Covid-19 Management will face prosecution. They will be charged according to the Disaster Management Act 2005 as well as certain sections of the IPC.

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