Driver attempts to run motorcyclist off the road, gets a helmet headbutt

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A pick-up truck driver, with his family on board, was driving dangerously as he tried to run a motorcyclist and his riding buddy off the road. As we can see in the video, the driver of the white Ford F150 pick-up truck drives dangerously close to the motorcyclist, in the middle of the narrow road. The motorcyclist and his riding buddy stops and so does the driver of the pick up truck as they get back at each other.

Motorcyclist headbutts SUV driver - 1

Motorcyclist headbutts SUV driver. Can you think of a caption about what the woman might be thinking?

But for some reason, the driver of the pick-up truck is mad at the motorcyclist while he was at the fault. The driver uses abusive language and gets into a heated argument with the motorcyclist with the helmet mounted camera. The next frame shows his rider buddy in white t-shirt walk up from behind, and without any warning, hit the pick-up truck driver with his head.

Here is the video (Warning: Abusive Language Used):

What do you think of the irresponsible driving of the truck driver and the violent action of the motorcyclist? Let us know your views through the comment section below.

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