Some customers furious that their Royal Enfield leather jackets were Made in Pakistan

Royal Enfield has been found to be sourcing its branded leather jackets and gloves from a company based in Sialkot, Pakistan.

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They say it is built like a Gun and goes like a Bullet. But that ammo and weaponry has found itself a part of a controversy, after it was found by some consumers that the immensely popular motorcycle brand has been importing and selling some of its riding gear from a manufacturer based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Apparently, Pakistan-based Pilot Sewing Corporation has been RE’s supplier for over four years now, but it is only now that a few owners got over the thump, cared to notice the label, and decided to set Twitter on fire.

The micro-blogging platform has been buzzing with strong disapproval of Royal Enfield’s business relations with a manufacturer who is located in a country that has been verified to be a breeding ground for terrorism. The company located in Sialkot has been exporting RE branded biker jackets and gloves all this while and also manufactures similar gear for other bike makers around the globe. Understandably, cost effectiveness is the primary reason many choose to import leather items from Pakistan.

A twitter user went on to say, “Seriously @royalenfield – after all, this is what we pride for this brand? Our country is bleeding and you are helping the traitors?”

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