Dealership dispatch of the new Honda Jazz in full swing; Launch on 8 July 2015

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2015 Honda Jazz front (2)

2015 Honda Jazz

Honda began the dispatch process of the all-new Jazz to its dealerships across India from June 2015. The Japanese carmaker is only days away from launching their new hatchback, and has 240 dealers across the country.Many of these dealerships are located quite far away from where Honda makes the Jazz, which is at its Tapukara facility in Rajasthan. This mean that it takes Honda at least 10 days to deliver the factory-fresh units to their assigned destinations.

New 2015 Honda Jazz side  (5)

The new Jazz will be sold in petrol and diesel guises

Honda India’s strategy (like most companies) is to make sure that the New Jazz will be readily available for prospective customers, once the hatchback has been officially launched. Honda’s manufacturing facility has ensured that each dealership will at least get 5-10 units, and has produced 2,336 units in total as of now. Once Honda launches the 2015 Jazz, the carmaker will keep an eye on the demand vs supply ratio, and accordingly adjust the Jazz’s production numbers.

2015 Honda Jazz dashboard (1)

Interiors of this premium hatchback bears striking resemblance to that of the Honda City

It remains to be seen as to how the second-generation Honda Jazz will perform in India. In case you are contemplating on purchasing the new Jazz, we suggest you take a look at our exhaustive review of the same by clicking here. Also, do not forget to check out the complete breakdown of all the variants of the new Jazz and their features by clicking over here.

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