DAO EV Tech To Use LFP Batteries Across Their Products

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EVs as we know are the future of mobility not only in India but also around the world. When comes to India, the rising fuel costs is giving consumers more reasons to make the switch towards electric vehicles. The recent past has seen a lot of new players entering the EV game and each of them is bringing something new to the table. One such company is DAO EV Tech who plan to launch their products in the market in the following weeks. What’s different with DAO? Well, they plan to make EVs that will be powered by LFP batteries instead of the standard NMC and LCA batteries which are commonly used in EVs.

What is an LFP Battery?

LFP or lithium Ferrum-phosphate is a Li-ion battery that used lithium-iron-phosphate for its cathode and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode. This is different to the traditional NMC battery that uses lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide for its cathode. Both are Lithium Batteries but they are very different in their constitution. One of the major advantages of the LFP battery is that it has a longer life cycle meaning the battery will have to be replaced less frequently as compared to the NMC battery. The LFP battery also does not heat up as compared to the NMC and does not need additional insulation like ceramic sheets. This makes the batteries cheaper to manufacture. Charging the LFP battery is also safer as there is no heating issue. On the downside, the LFP batteries are heavier than the NMC batteries and also cannot be charged as fast.

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Official Statement

Mr Maneesh Singh, VP Strategic Development, DAO EV TECH said, “The root of our LFP Battery technology stems out of Silicon Valley at the lab of Stanford university while the founding partner of our battery supplier was studying for his mechanical Ph.D. Later this technology was further inspired and developed at Tesla where he was heading the R&D research for the model 3. As he progressed, he developed the core competence to become one of the leading battery manufacturers across the globe. With the vision to deliver the best product to the Indian customer, together, we transfer this technology solution empowered by some of the 270-patented technologies to India for the first time ever”.

Why LFP Batteries?

LFP batteries are cheaper which means, the EV that is powered by it will be cheaper as well. LFP suits the hot and humid Indian climate as it has better heat dissipation and the chances of it catching fire are far less than the NMC or lead-acid batteries. They last longer and hence would not require frequent replacement. They are big and bulky but have enough space to hold power for long-range.

We can only tell how effective these batteries are once Dao EV Tech launch their products. That being said, it is a good move that some manufacturers are considering making more affordable batteries as we prepare to embrace the EV world. The battery cost is one of the biggest cost drivers in an EV and if they become affordable, EVs will become affordable as well.

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