Clever Road Trip Hacks to Make Car Rides an Adventure

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Every season is the road trip season if you love the road enough. From the summer sun to winter winds, almost everything is a bit extra beautiful when we have the freedom of a spontaneous road trip on our hands to enjoy them. As much fun as road trips are, they can be equally daunting if not approached with proper preparation, care, and plans. Moreover, some clever hacks are always needed to ensure that the amount of time you spend cooped up in a small car with 5 other friends is nothing but comfortable and enjoyable.

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Here, we have prepared an extensive list of hacks and tips to ensure that you have everything that you will need for a comfy car ride. Whether it is a new car accessory that you will need or a clever, easy to reach organiser for important documents like car insurance papers, registration, passport, etc., you will find a solution for them all here in this piece. Let us get started on the hacks that will make your car ride adventurous, comfortable and full of fun.


Be Prepared with Plans

Planning is of utmost importance when you are trying to get a head start on your road trips around the countryside and the off-beat tracks. Organise everything from car rental papers to your ID, passport, car insurance papers, packing list, stops to makes, gas stations to fuel up, parking spots and even snacks.

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Not only that, make sure that you have a backup arranged and thought-over cleverly for every aspect of the ride so that every unforeseen problem can be avoided.

Get an Additional Car Insurance

It is wise to invest in additional car insurance, preferably against theft, accidents, or off-road damage. You can easily buy car insurance in Dubai by visiting the provider’s website.

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You can ask for it at your car rental agency as well if you are not able to find suitable online car insurance in Dubai easily. You can also take help from your bank and ask them whether your credit card comes with an abroad car insurance coverage because most of them do.

Inspect your Ride Beforehand – Take Pictures

Inspecting the car that you rent is extremely important and most of us do it religiously as well. However, the hack here is to take pictures – of the exteriors, the car cabin, the dashboard, the operating system, and the music system – basically all major parts of your rented car.

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Also, check for the fuel requirements of the car and familiarise yourself with the system. Keeping pictures would be substantial proof to save yourself from any unfair additional charges. Practice the same when you return the vehicle because rental agencies often inspect the car after you have left.

Keep all Documents Organised

Going on a road trip in Dubai is very easy and convenient as long as you have all the papers and documents required handy. Use a zip-lock bag to ideally organise all the documents and keep them close by, preferably in the dashboard. Long trips often result in car chaos so even if you happen to spill a drink near the documents, the documents will be protected.

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Invest in a Car Cooler

Keeping drinks chilled in the scorching heat of the Middle East can be a very difficult task if you do not have an instant solution on hand. A car cooler is the perfect car accessory to invest in when you are going on a road trip. These coolers are powered by the classic 12V car charger and are very handy for trips.

Create a Make-Shift DVD Player

If your car didn’t come with a DVD player in-built, use your iPad or tablet to fashion one for yourself. Hang it on the sun visor if you are sitting in the passenger seat or attach it to the head of the front seats if you are sitting in the rear seats. You will have instant entertainment in a matter of minutes with zero additional charges.


Use Everyday-Life Equipment to Organise

Basic things used in our homes can come in handy when it comes to organising things in your car and making car rides more enjoyable. For example, a shower caddy can be used to keep bottles of drinks and other liquids without worrying about them tipping over. Dryer sheets can be used to keep the interiors smelling fresh while pill containers are an easy storage hack for small things like earrings. Use an empty cereal box as a garbage can for the car. You can easily get these things no matter which country you are travelling to.

Offline GPS and Cash

Keep loose cash handy with you along with a few coins. There are still many gas stations in the countryside which may not accept cards so you will need cash with you. Loose coins can be a lifesaver for the times you come across vending machines. Also, ensure that you have a few routes downloaded offline so that you do not get lost in bad reception areas.


Bring a 5-Way Adapter and Car Games

A multi-port charger can be very useful when you are traveling with friends. There will be no waiting lines and no fights over trivial things like charging that way. Also, make sure to make some cool car games because you are bound to get bored at some point. Some of the basic car games that you can bring with you include the never have I ever cards, truth and dare questions and tasks, board and card games like Uno and Monopoly, etc.

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Emergency Health Kits

First aid kits along with car sickness are extremely important when it comes to road trips. You probably won’t have access to a doctor or even a pharmacy if someone gets sick on the road so make sure you have all the basic medicines that you may need on the road. Take advice from a local physician to stock up if necessary.

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The Final Word

A few simple hacks can improve the quality of your road trip several folds and that is all that you need to make sure that the ride is nothing but enjoyable and comfortable. These will not only save you from the common difficulties that people on road trips often run into but also keep you safe from any unforeseen emergencies.

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