Citroën India Reveals Its Full-Fledged Report On India’s ‘Comfort Zones’

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Citroen will mark its debut in India on the 1st day of February 2021 with the premium SUV, the C5 Aircross. The production for the same has already commenced. Earlier in the month, Citroen revealed that it had surveyed a lot of Indians over their definition and style of Comfort and has released some highlights then. Now, we have the full-fledged report on the same. Citroën India has launched a report on comfort – ‘Comfortology’, underlining idea of comfort in India through an extensive survey.

More details

The aim of the survey was to understand Indians’ view of comfort, where they feel comfortable, what makes them comfortable, how that differs between different age groups, and how that has changed during COVID-19 pandemic.

Citroen C5 Aircross front look

The survey gave an insight into people’s perception and understanding of the term comfort; in particular, from the perspective of drivers, passengers, consumers, and potential consumers, before the launch of the first flagship model New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV.

The report is based on face-to-face and telephonic interviews conducted by Innovative Research Services [India] Pvt. Ltd., with over 1,801 Indians of diverse ages, across Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Kolkata. All the findings from the survey are supported by extensive research in both urban and rural areas.

Official statement

Contextualising the report, Mr Roland Bouchara, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Citroën India, said, “Citroën’s idea of ‘Comfortology’ is not prescriptive – we are not defining or imposing our idea of ‘comfort’ – it is collaborative; we aim to understand different groups’ perception of the same, what it means, how it shapes their expectations and decision-making, particularly in terms of mobility and eventually car purchase.”

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He further added, “In the modern era, ‘comfort’ doesn’t simply refer to the physical comfort of the driver and passengers. The development of modern vehicles is already placing a new level of importance on comfort for all the occupants of a car. Citroën’s philosophy is focused on creating the well-being and therefore a greater peace of mind for people who drive for pleasure, everyday commute or business, ensuring & maximising comfort on all journeys. And while talking of journeys Citroën aims to provide 360⁰ Comfort it includes comfort in the consumer journey starting from Citroën website at home to the phygital network, the La Maison Citroën – the home of Citroën and all other services.”

Key findings

Key data findings from the ‘Comfortology’ report include:

  •       81% of Indians consider ‘comfort’ a priority when buying a car
  •       79% of Indians prefer personal vehicle as a mode of transport post-covid-19 lockdown, compared to 61% pre-covid-19 lockdown
  •       66% of Indians consider home-cooked meals as their favourite comfort food, post-covid lockdown, as compared to 35% Indians during the pre-covid-19 lockdown
  •       58% of respondents are comfortable working from home, while 22% describe it as ‘very uncomfortable’

Citroen C5 Aircross interiors

  •       55% of Indians consider incessant exposure to honking, noise and pollution while driving a cause of their discomfort
  •       49% of Indians find backache, neck ache and other physical strains the reason, and the same proportion hold traffic and congestion responsible for the lack of comfort

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