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2021 Tesla Model S Decimates 0-100 Sprint In Less Than 2 Seconds!


Is there anything Elon Musk can’t do? This question keeps on doing rounds here and there on the internet. To further uphold this question, Tesla has unveiled 2021 iteration of the Model S, which claims a 0-100 kph time of, hold your breath, under 2 freaking seconds! That is absolutely insane and also crowns the new Model S as the fastest accelerating production car ever. Phew!

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The new Model S features a few tweaks here and there on the exterior but houses an all-new interior with some rather insane bits as well. The high-performance versions of the Model S are referred to as Plaid and Plaid+ that feature 3 motors. The base dual-motor variant retails for USD 80,000 or INR 58.3 lakhs.

2021 Tesla Model S front 3 quarters

The new Tesla Model S Plaid will retail for USD 1,12,990 which by current conversion rates translates to INR 82.35 lakhs and the Plaid+ will set folks back by USD 1,32,990 which translates to INR 96.92 lakhs for Tesla’s flagship car.

The deliveries for the Model S Plaid will likely commence from March 2021 while the deliveries of the Plaid+ will start somewhere later in 2021. On the outside, it now gets redesigned front bumper and a diffuser at the rear. The chrome on the door handles and the window line has been replaced by black to appear more sporty and business. It gets a glass roof along with the option of either a 19 or a 21 incher alloy.

2021 Tesla Model S interiors

The inside is a whole new simple, subtle story. It features a D-shaped steering wheel which is very much like an inverted Formula 1 steering or like the one in aircraft. The stalks behind the steering have now been removed and are probably integrated into the steering itself. Besides that, is a 17” 2200×1300 hi-res screen which controls all the functions and parameters. More of a screen to watch NetFlix on than toggle some engine parameters.

2021 Tesla Model S

It gets a digital instrument cluster, tri-zone climate control, HEPA filtration and front ventilated seats. It gets a wireless charging and displays for the second row as well. The displays on this car pack as much graphic processing power ( 10 teraflops ) as a PS5, which is just like everything else, insane!

2021 Tesla Model S (1)

The batteries have been upgraded too. The Plaid gets a max range of 390 miles or 624 km and the Plaid+ offers a max range of 520 miles or 832 freaking kilometres. The Plaid+ can sprint from 0-100 kph in under 2 seconds and has a top speed of 200 mph or 320 kph. That is some serious speed, if you ask us. Tesla, once again, has rolled out an ‘electric’ product!

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