Chevrolet Will Launch Six New Models In Two Years: Official

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Chevrolet with its renewed mission for India has captured a reasonably appreciable share of  the Indian Market recently with its new products. The development has helped restore the image of GM which was fogged out back in the days of Opel. Chevrolet replaced Opel and in no time bagged the fifth largest automobile badge for GM. The M.D. Of GM India Mr Karl Slym has confirmed that Chevrolet will be launching six new models in the next two years. Two of which will be LCV, and the rest four will be a hatchback, a SUV and sedans. The company investing USD 500 million in the next two years here in India. Along with six new cars GM will also introduce new variants in their existing models.

Chevrolet reached the one lakh mark in 2010 and they aim to reach two lakh in 2012 and three lakh in 2013. GM looks at doubling its growth in a market which is expected to grow around 12 – 15 % this year. Talking about hybrid cars after the recent Budget decision of lower taxes on hybrids Mr Slym thinks that the taxes are not low enough to establish the hybrid market and GM does not wish to launch a hybrid, but it will showcase their small electric car later in April which will not be put up for sale.


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