Check Out This Tacky McLaren P1 From China


We have seen weird and tacky paint jobs on supercars earlier but this one takes the cake. This McLaren P1 has been photographed somewhere in China featuring a tacky color combination.


The British supercar has been treated with an unusual metallic green and bright yellow paintjob on its exteriors. Yellow has been used for the hood, bumpers and roof while green was applied onto the pillars, wings and fenders. At the rear, the spoiler has been painted with three different colors- red, yellow & blue, like a reversed Romanian flag.


Reportedly, this outrageous paint job on the car is said to have set back the owner by 850,000 Chinese Yuan which roughly converts to a whopping 110,000 euros. What do you think of this paint job on a beautiful supercar like a McLaren P1 ? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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