Captiva Prices Slashed

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Thanks to the runaway success of the Fortuner, all its rivals have been caught napping. Before the Fortuner came along, the Captiva was much popular in its segment. It also held the No.1 position in the SUV market for quite some time. But then the Fortuner came along and swept the SUV buyers off their feet.

To remedy the situation, Chevrolet has slashed the Captiva’s prices by a whopping 2 lakh rupees. The LT 4×2 MT model now retails for 20.39 lakh and the LTZ 4×4 AT retails for 22.39 lakh. The new prices fall nicely on either side of the Fortuner’s price-tag of 21.45 lakh.

However, we believe that Chevy could have easily priced it even lower to match the Endeavour’s pricing of 18.68 lakh for the 2.5 4×2 MT and 20.51 for the 3.0 4×4 AT.


Mihir Gadre

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