Called The Unicorn V3, This Lamborghini Huracan Is a Twin-Turbo Rally Car

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Witnessing exotic and supercars isn’t rare anymore. But what’s rare is coming across a souped-up supercar which leaves behind the purpose of its existence and goes out to chase new horizons. Called the Unicorn V3, this curiosity-stoking, twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan belongs to none other than Alex Choi from Los Angeles. For a 19-year old teenager, Alex addresses himself as someone with the maturity of a 9-year old. And with this build, he sure must have many grey-haired, well-dressed folks in Italy struggling to pull their jaws up.

Lamborghini Huracan Rally Car Alex Choi

Coming back to this peculiar build, with its dipped in Pink exoskeleton, this Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 sure is miles away from being bone stock! The car has switched between more than half a dozen avatars. Born with the Lamborghini factory paint ‘Personam Blue’ and then being wrapped in some bape pink camo, before coming to this stage, this baby bull has seen a lot of mods, both performance and cosmetic. Underbody lights, a supercharger, a straight-piped exhaust, bumper delete and the list just doesn’t end.

The car has been driven to the limits in its unnatural habitat as well. But besides burning rubber on the track and then some for doughnuts, this Lambo also used to taste some mud and slush when it didn’t look like this. It was perhaps then that Alex decided to level up, make mods that possibly haven’t even been thought about.

Lamborghini Huracan Rally Car Rear wing

The end result is a Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 rally car surrounded by monkey bars with additional light bars integrated to one switch line. Further, it features Michelin PS4s tyres mounted on Skol wheels by Brixton, forged specially for this build. The illuminators are straight from Speedtech lights, the same company that supplies lights to the cop cars in the US. The monkey bar that’s technically an exoskeleton has been hand fabricated by the team at Studio RSR.

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Things get even more exciting here. The car runs an air to air intercooler and an air filter which can literally fit on a semi truck! Yes, an air to air old school system! The wing has been raised by almost 12 inches than what it was in the previous setting and by the way, it’s a complete carbon fibre wing manufactured by APR. Even the most basic details have been taken care of and have added to the looks, the taillights have to be addressed as they are flipped upside down and look so darn eye-catching.

Lamborghini Huracan Rally Car Rear

Furthermore, the insanely aggressive diffuser has been built by MFR engineering and is strong enough for a person to literally stand on it. The most interesting part of the performance mod is the forced induction system. The car is equipped with a bolt on twin turbo system, making the car fast enough to dig a mine if it goes around a circular orbit. Outrageous it sure is. But it’s a different take on things which is also bold and we somehow love the approach. More power to you, Alex!

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