VIDEO: A Lamborghini Records What Is Probably The Most Spectacular Motorcycle Crash Save Of 2018


Astride a motorcycle, most of us have had close calls which sometimes send shivers down our spine. Moments which reintroduce us to the word ‘Caution’, because at times we do tend to throw it to the wind for some reason. Also, it is mostly off the bike that we promise ourselves to be ultra cautious after an incident. However, If you’ve been lucky like this rider, you do sometimes get to thank your stars while still being in command of your motorcycle.

Astride a Honda CBR 1000RR, the rider in this footage has a momentary lapse in concentration, when his vision shifts towards the Lamborghini he’s just passed, instead of the fast approaching corner. Finding an oncoming car in the other lane, right in the middle of the corner, he realises that the bike hasn’t shed enough speed to be pulled back into a safe trajectory. Yet, he somehow manages to avoid running into the car, then avoids three attempts by an out of shape motorcycle to flip him into a highside. The best part? He acknowledges this as his biggest mistake and advises his viewers to stay calm on the bike. That save though!

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