Brand New Electric Scooter Bursts In Flames After It Was Charged For Seven Hours

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A family in China had a narrow escape as the electric scooter, which was kept on charging for over seven hours, caught fire inside the house. The CCTV footage captures the electric scooter suddenly creating smoke, before bursting into flames. The CCTV reveals that the scooter made a mild explosion which startles the family. The man quickly disconnects the charger but it’s too late as the vehicle already catches fire.

Check out the video footage of the electric scooter bursting in flame (courtesy: PTI News Corporation of India)

The owner of the scooter, identified as Zhao, has filed a complaint and intends to take legal action. Zhao said that the person from whom she bought the scooter told her that the vehicle needed to be charged for six to 12 hours. The scooter, as aforementioned, was charging for seven hours. Luckily, the family escaped without any injury.

Security and property management staff were quick to react and the fire was extinguished quickly.

Source: South China Morning Post

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